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Header Settings

Two different types of header layouts are provided in this theme.

Layout 1

Layout 1

If you choose Layout 1, you will get some settings for the call to action button, where you can –

  1. Show or hide the button
  2. Change the button link and text

Click on the ‘Edit Link‘ button, and you will get some options there to edit your CTA button.

  1. Button Link
  2. Button Text
  3. Whether to open in a new tab or not.

If you want to link an existing page to this button, that option is also available below.

Layout 2

Layout 2

Layout 2 doesn’t have a CTA button, but has a search form and a floating sidebar like below. If you choose Layout 2, you will get some options to customize them.

This shows up when you click the search icon
Floating sidebar

Search Form

For the search form, you will get some options to –

  1. Show the search option or not
  2. The search title
  3. The placeholder text

Floating Sidebar

In the floating sidebar, there are some information about your company/agency, which includes contact information, social media links, a little description, etc. You will get a lot of options to edit and customize them as you wish. These includes –

  1. Whether to show it or not.
  2. A short description about your company.
  3. Contact information
  4. Social media links

In the wp editor, you can add your site logo or any other media with your company description. Adding the contact informations and social media title are super easy. The next thing that remains is Social Platforms. This option is added so that your visitors can follow you in social media.

Click on Add New, and put a title (won’t be visible in front-end, just to identify), select an icon and enter the social media profile link. It will show results like below, putting the icons side by side. While clicked, they will be redirected to the link you provided.

Menu Settings

From this option you can control your menu items color, hover color, background color, dropdown menu color, scroll menu color, etc. Change these, and see the output in the frontend.

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